Sound Sculpture (1975), ed. John Grayson, 1975


A collection of essays by artists surveying the techniques; applications; and future directions of sound sculpture.


Sound Sculpture is the first publication to deal completely with this new art form. It’s a collection of over 30 articles and essays by an international cross section of Sound Sculptors who define and outline the field. It’s also a definitive introduction to the history of Sound Sculpturing. Included are over 150 photographs and drawings illustrating the construction of such unusual projects as: how to build a Western Gamelan (Balanese ‘orchestra’), examples of giant environmental Sound Sculptures, Sound Sculpture designed for a new ‘people’s music,’ and so on.

Contributing artists include Harry Partch, Bernard Baschet, François Baschet, Stephan Von Huene, David Jacobs, John Chowning, Walter Wright, David Rothenberg, Lou Harrison, David Rosenboom, Bill Colvig, Corey Fischer, R. Murray Schafer, and others.


Iannis Xenakis: Music and Architecture (2008)

Architectural Projects, Texts, and Realizations

This major work fills a major lacuna in the literature by bringing together for the first time all of the projects, realizations and texts related to architecture by the multi-faceted Xenakis who worked with Le Corbusier for 12 years. Sharon Kanach assisted the composer in gathering the texts for this his last ambitious project.